weight loss Indianapolis

We offer:
Professional Strength HCG – available online and by appointment
​Prescription HCG – available by appointment only

weight loss Indianapolis

*Payment plans available (in store only)

**If more than one round of the diet is needed for you to reach your goal, additional rounds of the diet are available at significant savings if purchased with your first round. Subsequent, consecutive rounds must be performed immediately after your last maintenance period.

***Graduate Rounds are available to anyone who has already been a service package client with Super Vision Weight Loss in the past. Graduate Rounds include HCG, review of videos, self-initiated check-ins, pictures and measurements (in-store only) and our help. Graduates do not receive additional books as they should rely on those already received in their first round. As always, YOU can call and get help if you need it at any time. As a graduate, all contact is self-initiated for your convenience.

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weight loss Indianapolis